John Mahama Is More Humble Than Atta Mills – Alhaji Bature

The Managing Editor of the Al-Hajj newspaper has described President John Mahama as being more humble than the late Professor John Atta Mills.

The late President until his demise on July 24, 2013 was hailed by the NDC as one of the most humble men in the land and accorded many titles, including ‘Asomdweehene’, king of peace.

But speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show on Thursday January 10, 2013 Alhaji Bature Iddrisu, who describes himself as a sympathizer of the ruling NDC, said “Atta Mills was more God fearing, John (Mahama) is more humble.”

“He can hardly look you in the eye when talking to you, irrespective of your age. Ghanaians all know John Mahama is a man who is humble and respects everybody. The late Atta Mills was more God fearing.”

Alhaji Bature said this humility was epitomized in his demeanour at his swearing in ceremony on January 7, when President Mahama appeared a little subdued. He conceded, however, that the events leading to the election and the controversy dogging the final results may have played a part.

Commenting on President Mahama’s first four appointments, the Al-hajj editor said the appointments signal a possible change in the status quo, with Dr Sulley Gariba, Senior Policy Coordinator at the Office of President likely to play the role of defacto Prime Minister unlike the past when the Chief of Staff was seen in that light.

He also expressed disquiet about some of the appointees, saying President Mahama could face the same challenges the Mills administration faced in its early days when persons who were not considered known and true party men, such as former Chief of Staff Henry Martey Newman were appointed to high office at the presidency.

“I would have loved it not to be so, but we run an executive presidency. The buck stops with him, he calls all the shots, so much as I would have preferred a different thing, we have to respect his (John Mahama) views,” Alhaji Bature said.