Is NDC An Ewe And Northerners Party?

A new President has been elected or ‘rigged in’ and it is now the season to reward all those who poured in their personal fortunes to get Mahama to his present position so that they can recoup their investments and Mahama will do just that.

Nobody should blame the man for any appointment he makes because he campaigned ‘tribalistically’ and told his Northern brethren to elect one of their own so that they too can share in the national cake as if they have not been living large on the benevolence of other Ghanaians for free education, that is another issue all by itself which will be dealt with later in his administration.

I believe that, every President in Ghana should be given the freedom to choose whoever he or she deems qualified and comfortable to work with. I defended President Kuffour when Ewes and Northerners were attacking him for surrounding himself with mostly Akans and appointing few people from other tribes as Ministers and Castle staff and that was the reason I never questioned President Mills seventy percent(70%) appointment of Ewes and Northerners to all Presidential appointment positions and not about to attack President Mahama and NDC now. I just want my Northern and Ewe brothers and Sisters to take note that, they should never complain about tribal appointments in future if the tables turn against them.

NDC has upped the ante to the legislature where all the leadership positions have been given to Northerners and Ewes.The initial list of the NDC front bench, apart from Doe Adjaho as Speaker, had Mumuni as first Deputy Speaker, Alhassan Azong, second deputy speaker, Dr Benjamin Kunbuor, Majority Leader, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, Majority Whip, Hajia Mary Boforo, first deputy Majority Whip, all northerners, with deputy Majority Leader, Alfred Agbesi coming from the Volta region and Sampson Ahi, the only Southerner (Sehwi) of Akan extraction. NDC haven realised how lopsided they have filled the leadership positions in Parliament came out and yanked Mumuni from the first Deputy leadership position and filled that position with Barton-Oduro from Cape Coast.Not to be outdone by the legislature, President Mahama’s four appointments to keep the Castle functioning followed the same trend as the NDC controlled legislature did, by appointing one Ewe and three Northerners.

Mr. Prosper Douglas Kweku Bani as Chief of Staff at the Presidency and three Northerners;

Secretary to Cabinet-Mr. Roger Kwesi Angsomwine.

Executive Secretary to the President-Dr. Raymond Akongburo Atuguba.

Senior Policy Co-ordinator in the Office of the President-Dr. Sulley Gariba.

That is 100% Ewe/ Northerners appointments by the President. I know by now some of you are asking, if you I don’t care about who Mahama appoints to help him run his administration, then why am I bellyaching? My reason is due to an article written by one Dr Bokor recently.

The said article appeared in the forum on December 25th of last year by one Dr. Bokor titled; “Is the NPP really Asante, and Asante truly NPP?” According to Dr Bokor,who is an Ewe and an avowed Asante hater who used to comment in the forum under pseudonym Anthony Kumah,he blames the Asantes for making the NPP an Asante Party because according to him, it is the Asantes who take umbrage on any criticism of NPP as an attack on Asantes. Oh Anthony Kumah, are you not even ashamed for saying this;

“One major problem that makes it difficult for the NPP to shed off its stigma as an “Akan” party is the mentality that shapes and shaves the attitude of its followers. More often than not, any criticism of the NPP is regarded by the party’s supporters as a direct attack on Asantes, which worries me,not because it is true or because I agree with it but because of its tendency to worsen the NPP’s outreach efforts.”

Oh Dr Bokor aka Anthony Kumah, you have taken lying to Pseudology, you are like the proverbial bird “ANOMAA KOKONEKONE” who goes to the North of the river and dirty it and then comes to the South and ask about who caused the water to be dirty. You have been preaching this message for more than ten years in the forum that NPP is an Asante Party and when Asantes defend themselves against your lies, you turn around and blame them for being the cause of that problem. Doesn’t Ewes do the same thing you are blaming Asantes about? Even Ewes go a little bit further than Asantes. To Ewes, any attack on Rawlings for his narcisstic behaviour is an attack on Ewes and NDC and anybody who doesn’t support NDC is an Ewe hater so what is the difference between the two tribes? How can such a behaviour worry you when you have been at the vanguard of preaching and instigating that belief? If you want to do a disbosom to cleanse your soul, see a Catholic Priest instead of goody-goody two shoes you are doing in the forum.

The two major Parties in Ghana have their support base and this phenomenon is not peculiar to Ghana alone. Go to any country and the two major parties have their support bases that they rely upon for votes and it s always the swing regions or states where elections are decided.

If you go to USA, the Republicans support base in the Midwest and Southern states and the Democrats base in the East and West Coast can always be relied upon to vote accordingly where the NorthEast states and Southwest states are swing states which decides Presidential elections so if NPP support base is in Ashanti and Eastern regions and NDC has the Volta region and the three Northern regions as its support base, there is nothing wrong with it. Calling NPP an Asante Party without calling NDC as an Ewe party is a fallacy.

Ghana will be better off if we shed this nonsense about who gets appointed to Ministerial and Castle positions and instead demand from our Politicians to do their jobs to benefit the populace because if you are an Akan, a Northerner or an Ewe who takes pride because you have ten Ministers from your tribe in the cabinet but are only interested in improving their own financial positions without any sympathy for the poor, what benefit do you derive from such an empty pride?

President Mahama, unless the Supreme Court rules against his election is the President and is going to make hundreds of appointments and we should all allow him to appoint the people he feels comfortable working with and if he ends up appointing only Ewes and Northerners, so be it because he did not lie to the electorate. He campaigned on that message when he told the Northerners to vote for one of their own which they did and we Akans and other tribes ‘voted’ for him too. We are getting what we ‘voted’ for.