Amakye Dede denies refusing to perform at NDC victory party

Award winning highlife musician Daniel Amakye Dede, who has carved a niche for himself in the Ghana music industry, has denied media reports that he deliberately refused to perform at the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) victory party held at the Trade Fair Centre at La in Accra on Monday, January 7.

According to him, although he was informed by one Fred Darko that the organizers of the NDC victory jam wanted him to perform for the party supporters, “I told them that because of the death of my beloved uncle I am in my hometown holding meetings with my family members and also preparing for my uncle’s funeral and burial.”

He told ‘Beatwaves’ in an interview: “It is not because I don’t want to perform for my fans, but the timing was bad for me since it coincided with my family meetings and the funeral arrangements for my late uncle.

I am a business man and I do business with music so I disagree with all those speculating that I deliberately refused to perform for the NDC.”

Amakye Dede, known as Tom Back, who has been consistent throughout his musical career, said “I am not a politician and do not involve myself in politics. I am a musician and because I get paid through my stage performances I am always ready to perform for individuals, organisations and political parties.”

The sober Amakye Dede, whose contribution to the development of highlife music in the country has been recognised by all, stressed that he loved all his fans and would not do things that will upset them, adding “sometimes circumstances do prevent musicians from satisfying their numerous fans.”

He is one of Ghana’s premier highlife musicians and is affectionately called ‘Iron boy’ or ‘Abrantie’ which means ‘gentleman’; a name he got from his late uncle who died recently and will be buried next month.