IWAN angered by diss to mum from Bandana

Bandana and IWAN kick start their music year with a lyrical beef.

If these two were in the same room someone would be taken to the morgue. But thank goodness for technology they share their grievances on songs and Facebook.

According to Bandana, IWAN was the aggressor who ignite the feud.

“IWAN came back from London went on radio, poured a whole lot of insults on me. He said Rastafaria is older than my mother and father. They went to Volta region, told the fans to stop listening to any Shatta movement music because I preach violence. I went to Akuma village on the 29th of December, 2012 for a show and his MC said it open in the mic and I quote: If you don’t like Shatta Movement say fire burn!!!”.

After this incident Bandana released a song directed at IWAN titled ‘A Letter To IWAN’. Audio: Letter To IWAN (Gideon Force) by Bandana

IWAN replied on his Facebook page that “Blessed morning to the force. Give thanks for patience and humbleness. No Gideon Force member should take the diss to my Mum a joke? But we are civilized , so we take things orderly. 3days and I will end all the fuckery. Thanks for ur patience and nobody attack nobody. Leave it in my Hands. I have taking all ur advices and I appreciate and will consider them. I love My Mummy and I will make her proud.

Bandana didn’t seem bothered and told Ghana Music.com that “I am waiting for him to do what he wants to do in three days if suck your mother is a diss to his mum”.

Bandana also shed some light on that he thinks he is been influenced.

Gideon Force fans of IWAN are still waiting for IWAN to drop a retaliation joint.