Ebo Taylor is 77 years old today

When an artist of the height of Ebo Taylor celebrates his 77th birthday today you can be sure it’s going to be quite a party because of his vital role he has propelled highlife music worldwide.

Ebo Taylor was born in 1936 has had one heck of a music career! Older music fans know him from his years when his Black Star Highlife Band ruled Britain in the early sixties.

Everyone knows his works which is combining true traditional Ghanaian material with Afro-beat, jazz, and funk rhythms to create his own identifiable sound.

Ebo Taylor is highly respected in the highlife genre and has supported young musicians with his involvement in school music programs worldwide.

Ebo Taylor is still producing and making great music at age 77 and is gearing up for international tours soon.

Ghana Music.com has highlighted some of his songs such as ‘Aba Yaa’, ‘Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara’  feat. The Sweet Beans, ‘Twer Nyame’, ‘Love and Death  feat. Uhuru-Yenzu’, ‘Mondo Soul Funky’, ‘Nga Nga’, ‘Aborekyair Aba’,  ‘What is Life  feat. Uhuru-Yenzu’, ‘Atwer Abroba’, ‘Peace On Earth’, ‘Ene Nyame Nam ‘a’ Mensuro’  feat. Pat Thomas / Pat Taylor, ‘Come Along’  feat. The Pelicans, ‘Victory’, ‘Ohye Atar Gyan’, ‘African Woman’, ‘Egya Edu’, ‘Obra’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Kwame’.