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Ex-king Faisal Coach Abugri Stranded In Kumasi

Posted On Friday, 16th November 2012

Alhaji Karim Grunzah is King Faisal’s owner

Dismissed Faisal coach Stephen Abugri has launched an emotional appeal for help saying he’s stranded in Ghana’s second largest city, Kumasi.

The trained teacher was sacked by Faisal last week after a fall-out with club owner Alhaji Karim Grunzah.

The club owes him monies running into several months and says he is frustrated and struggling to put three square meals on the table.

“I stopped teaching because of King Faisal. I’m a professional graduate teacher. Alhaji  is like a  father to me so when he came calling I couldn’t say no,” an emotional Abugri told Kumasi-based Fox FM

“They way Alhaji spoked when we  me, I decided to help him.

“I passed through a lot of hardships; I have passed through difficulties to qualify King Faisal to the Premier League.

“The way Alhaji is talking about me on FM stations, if I come out to talk about happenings in the club, it will not be good for all of us.

“But I am a professional coach and so I have kept quiet. Alhaji has insulted me so many times. Insulted my tribe and insulted we northerners so many times.

“I suffered with King Faisal, I toiled with King Faisal. Now they have blocked my salary as a teacher for six solid months. I am no more paid as a teacher.

“As I’m talking to you, the hardship I’m passing through it will pity you. Alhaji drove me away from the hotel.

“Someone had to lend me money to rent my own place that night.

“I swear to God; I haven’t eaten three times a day since the incident. I am really suffering. I’m starving because they are not paying me.

He added:” They blocked my salary because of King Faisal. Where do I get money to eat? I had to go and borrow money to rent an apartment at Wormase. I’m suffering.

“As I’m talking to you I have only 40 pesewas in my pocket. Who do I know in Kumasi here?

“If I’m lying, may God punish me. Alhaji fought with me on numerous occasions and yet we go out there to win matches.”

Abugri masterminded Faisal’s return to the top-flight after just a season in the lower division after supervising 11 matches without a defeat.

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