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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sacked DSP Tehoda Sues Police Service

Lawyers for the dismissed Police Chief, DSP Gifty Mawuenyegah Tehoda, have sued the Police Service for dismissing their client. They have described her dismissal as illegal and an affront to Ghana’s judicial system.

Last year, DSP Tehoda was accused of swapping cocaine exhibit in the custody of the police. She was interdicted but later cleared by the courts of all wrong doings. The Police Service failed to reinstate her after she was cleared by the court stating that an internal inquiry was being conducted to prove if she was innocent in the controversial cocaine turned baking soda scandal.

But DSP Tehoda’s was last week dismissed from the Police Service despite her lawyers fighting for her re-instatement in court. Lead counsel for DSP Tehoda, E.A. Vorduago in an interview with XYZ News said his team will fight the matter in court.

“We are already in court challenging the basis of the service enquiry that purportedly served her with the notice”.

“We are saying that the facts that they are alleging against her are the same facts that were put before the criminal court and they were unable to prove any wrong doing so for them to use the same facts to dismiss her is out of place”.

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