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‘My Husband Is Sleeping With My Cousin!’

True Confession

DEAR Relationship Angel,

My name is Ngozi. I want to divorce my husband because he is sleeping with my cousin. He misbehaves whenever I step out of the house. He promised that he was going to stop it last year. But up till now, my husband is still an unrepentant flirt. In fact, I call him a dog because he sleeps with anything in skirt. The last straw happened last month when I caught him red-handed on top of my 20-year old cousin who has barely stayed with us for a year. I remember that he used to complain before that we no longer had sex as often as we used to in the past. But that doesn’t give him the right to sleep with my cousin! Now, I’ve moved out of our home and he is begging me to come back. He went to my parents to plead and my parents say I should go back to my husband’s house. But I don’t want to go back to him because I’m just fed up with him. Please advise me. Should I go back to my husband?

From Ngozi, in Asaba.


Angel’s Advice

It is wise for you to go back to your husband’s house. However, it is better to resolve all your differences before you return so that what happened before won’t happen again. You should make him realize how much he is hurting you by sleeping with other women, especially with your cousin for that matter. Tell him you’re willing to help him change. And you must make effort to remedy the situation first through self-examination. Have you been depriving your husband of sex lately or have you been unable to satisfy him sexually in marriage? You might be the cause of the problem. Try to satisfy your husband sexually so that he won’t have cause to cheat on you. Therefore, first look inwardly for a solution, then discuss with him and find out where the problem lies so that you may resolve it together. If need be, both of you might also need to see a marriage counselor.

Forgive your cousin because she will always be your cousin, but send her away (if you haven’t already) to live with another relative. This would enable you to move on with your life—and marriage.

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‘My Husband Is Sleeping With My Cousin!’

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