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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Praye Tintin is not a sound engineer; other members attack

Information reaching us indicates that the sacked member of the Nescafe winners group, Praye known in showbiz circles as Praye Tintin or better still re-branded as Raster Tintin is not a sound engineer as claimed by the artiste.

In an interview with a source close to the boys, the anonymous reporter said that the runaway member of the group praye is not a sound engineer as claimed by the artiste but rather it was a planned hype given to him by the other members of the group, such as choir master and Big J just for people or fans to know he is doing something in the group.

This revelation came about when the felt betrayed artiste (Raster Tintin) of the group came on TV Africa’s Rundown with Yaw Sakyi to say that the other members of the group will miss him from A-Z, as he is the sound engineer of the group and the boys will not get that feel from him.

Apparently the group called Praye was trying to make their fellow member, who normally does close to 16bars rap in all their hit songs feel as if he is doing something in the group hence in pleasing their friend threw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians by telling their fans that he was a sound engineer, knowing very well that he is not.

Well the saga is ongoing between the group Praye as to who sacked who and who betrayed who, currently the issue has gotten out of hands as one member is said to have sent an alleged text message to the other member of the group, promising him of tarnishing his image to the whole world.

We are working on the clock to get the real truth of the deal, readers should stay with us.

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