Man In The Company Of Girlfriend Shot Dead In Kumasi

RESIDENTS OF Fante New Town in Kumasi woke from their sleep on Monday morning to the shocking news that a 30-year-old man in the area had been shot dead.

Isaac Frimpong, a handkerchief seller, was reportedly shot dead by some unknown gangsters around 1:00am on Monday.

The deceased, a popular person in the area, was in the company of his girlfriend when the hoodlums shot him from behind. So far conflicting reports have emerged with regard to how the gangsters killed Frimpong.

Some reports suggested that the killers might have been robbers who were on a robbery spree in the area at the time of the incident.
Others also noted that the perpetrators of the heinous act might have been some gangsters residing at Yelewa in Kumasi.

Daily Guide gathered that one Razak of Yelewa was lynched by some unknown persons at Fante New Town about one week ago, during a brawl.
The Yelewa residents then threatened a reprisal attack in a brutal fashion by killing eight people at Fante New Town.

And since no group had so far claimed responsibility for the bloody act, people were speculating that perhaps the Yelewa residents were carrying out their threat.

The Assemblyman for the area, Umaru Ilyass Djagana aka Morrison, confirmed the news to Daily Guide in a chat. He noted that it was too early to say what might have influenced the runaway gangsters to carry out the dastardly act.

According to him, he was in his house when he received a call around 1:30am about the shooting to death of Frimpong. The Assemblyman then rushed to the scene and later on reported the matter to the police.

Morrison said sources at the scene informed him that Frimpong and his girlfriend were walking home when they met the hoodlums. Sensing danger, Frimpong shouted at the top of his voice to raise alarm but the gangsters gave him a hot chase.

In the course of the race, the gangsters, whose number was not known, shot him from behind, killing him instantly. Morrison noted that he had received information that the incident might be the result of a revenge attack by a notorious group in Yelewa whose member was killed at Fante New Town recently.

But he was quick to point out that it was too early for people to make concluding remarks with regard to who exactly shot and killed the young man.