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“Father for all” has failed NDC – Dr. Tony Aidoo

The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Office at the presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has admitted that the father for all governance being exhibited by the Mills administration has done great disservice to the NDC.

According to him, if the government of President Mills had played politics to the extreme like how Kufuor government in 2001 practiced, “we will have done worst things to them (NPP) by arresting them”.

The statement came after former President Kufuor had endorsed a decision by some functionaries of his government not to appear before the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) which is investigating the payment of judgement debt to NDC financier Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

National chairman of the NPP, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey had claimed the party did “not want this whole matter which involves such a significant amount of the people’s money to be hidden behind so called investigations so the people can’t see it”.

President John Evans Atta Mills directed the EOCO to investigate circumstances that led to the payment of over GHS58 million judgment debt to a stalwart of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alfred Agbesi Woyome, as well as how the nation came to incur similar judgment debts.

Leading members of the NPP who were invited by the investigative body have vowed not to appear before EOCO but the NDC believes they must be forced to co-operate.

However, speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii-Sen on Friday in reaction to Mr. Kufuor’s support, Dr. Tony Aidoo noted that because President Mills chose to be father for all, the NPP has taken undue advantage but opined nobody should take President Mills for granted.

“In my own little way I have exhibited father for all by forgiving someone who slapped me during the early stages of NPP government in 2001. I can say that the father for all hasn’t helped us at all as a government. President Mills does not want to play vindictive politics but people should not undermine him or take him for granted” he noted.

He asked the NPP to never think that the magnanimity of the president is his weakness opining that he knows what he is doing. “The father for all has rather brought peace and unity to Ghanaians and created problems for NDC”.

“It is a sad day for Ghana that a former President to say people should not obey the law. You see you still obey a law even if it is bad until is changed and you have no case than to obey. And kufuor who has been President for eight years is endorsing lawlessness? I am not surprise because it is his government that abrogated the contract that led to this whole problem. I will not be surprised because he is coming from a U.P tradition set up.”

Dr. Tony Aidoo who was the Deputy Minister for Defence under the Rawlings regime retorted: ”Kufuor, where is your credentials. You are not above the law in Ghana. It is not parliament, the presidency or the judiciary that has the sovereignty of the country but the people. If he doesn’t know he should go and learn that. He should get someone to lecture him on political science for him to know the sovereignty of the state resides in the people”.

He asserted that the NPP is using bias presumption against the EOCO even though they do not have evidence to that effect. ”how can you use bias presumptions [against]an institution of the state where there is no evidence to back it, and say you will not obey the law. Even at the law court you cannot use such a bias presumptions”.

“Didn’t they arrest Tsikata and Co. when they were in the house of the Lord during their time? Who are they to refuse an invitation? They know that if we go to the law court they have friends but it will not go there so they must think again,” Tony Aidoo asserted.

The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Office at the presidency advised the EOCO to as a matter of urgency implore means to get ex-Government officials who defy their invitation arrested. ”if the NPP ex-officials are not cooperating, it is up to the EOCO to implore means that will circumvent the silly gymnastic the ex-government officials are using in order to disobey the law”.

“I am saying it because they did not hesitate to arrest people who were even in the house of God. Kufuor did not hesitate to change the composition of the Supreme Court in his favour with the intention of jailing innocent citizens. That is why the NDC is suffering in power today” he stated.

Dr. Aidoo maintained that the NPP is full of “’nyamanyama’ people because they do not obey the law and do not have the right to live in the country but they are lucky because Mill s has chosen not to be vindictive”.

He accused the NPP of touting themselves as democratic people but their actions disprove of that. “Those who say they are champions of democracy are rather refusing to submit to a legal state institution and have the nerve to dare NDC government to continue with the investigations into the may judgement debts paid? The world is so mysterious”.

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