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CELEBRITY QUOTE:People should stop talking about my wife and I – Ali Baba

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Ali Baba

Why do people still think you are living off your wife?

Most of the people who used to think that have repented. You see, back then, I was discreet about how much money I made. It was no one’s business. I wore jeans and T shirts. I wasn’t into cars like I am now. Society has several yardsticks for measuring success. To them, then, my wife was the flamboyant celebrity. She was pretty. Still pretty. And she was older. Done analysis. He married her for her money. Then with time, those who held that view started to use my services or that of my colleagues. They obviously figured out that if these young boys were charging this much, how much was Ali Baba getting? Don’t forget that between Basorge, Mohammed, Yibo Koko, Okey Bakassi, Tee A and I, we had plus or minus five shows every week. At a flat rate of 150k. That was a lot of pepper. Then, these young comedians came, spending money lavishly, and our covers were blown wide open. One other thing that people later realised was that if these boys could live like this what about the guys who were there before them. But to answer you correctly, the people who thought I was living off my wife were not my clients. I actually have heard of several clients standing up for me. One even showed one of such doubting Thomas’s how much he had paid me in a space of three months. But then again, the people who thought so also were under the belief that she was earning millions back then in Multichoice. Even now, multichoice still pays millions? I beg make I hear word, let them say whatever they like.

Are you saying you don’t regret marrying her?

Capital NO!

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