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Psychologists talk to ‘Modimolle Monster’

johan kotze jan 20


Johan Kotze appeared in the Modimolle Magistrates Court charged with various heinous crimes against his estranged wife. Photo: Etienne Creux

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Murder accused Johan Kotze, who allegedly orchestrated the gang-rape of his estranged wife, has been interviewed by a team of specialist investigators from the police’s Investigative Psychology Unit (IPU).

The interview was allegedly requested by detectives investigating Kotze.

He was arrested on Wednesday last week, eight days after going on the run following his alleged involvement in the murder of his stepson, Conrad Bonnette, and the gang-rape of Ina Bonnette.

He is said to have shot and killed Conrad after apparently making his mother listen to him begging for his life.

Kotze is alleged to have forced three labourers at gunpoint to rape Bonnette. She was also mutilated with pliers, nails, a grinder, braai tongs and a screwdriver.

The men, who were arrested in Hammanskraal within days of each other, had apparently been hired to remove palm trees from the garden of Kotze’s rented home.

A source close to the investigation on Thursday confirmed that Kotze had been interviewed by two members of the psychology unit.

The source said the unit had received a request from case detectives for the pair to interview Kotze.

“They were asked to find out about his background, his possible motives for the crime and to find out more about him.

“All of this is being done to assist with the investigation,” the source said, declining to comment further.

Kotze and his three co-accused, who are all in custody, are scheduled to appear in court on February 10.

They face a range of charges including murder, rape, conspiracy to rape and assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm. – Pretoria News

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Psychologists talk to ‘Modimolle Monster’

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