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Egypt: Al-Tagmoa’s Nabil Zaky – Egyptian Bloc to Form Coalition to Protect Civil Egypt

Aswat Masriya (London)

19 January 2012

Speaker of Al-Tagmoa Party, Nabil Zaky, confirmed that the Egyptian Bloc Alliance is cooperating with the Democratic Front, Egyptian Left, the National Association for Change, Al-Adl and Al-Thawra Mostamera to form a new coalition that defends the civil state.

“Completely dominating the parliament is political stupidity,” said Zaky referring to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

The real challenge that will determine the motives and tolerance of the FJP will be the making of the constitution, Zaky explained. Wondering if the party will construct a constitution that only suits the ambitions of the movement, he indicated that public opinion will remain significant and will continue to drive the nation in the right path of “January 25”.

Zaky elaborated that the main goal is to build a solid front to defend the democratization of the state, indicating that the most pressing flaw of the revolution is the fragmentation of its forces.

Pointing out that Al-Masryeen Al-Ahrrar has the right to pull out of the alliance, he insisted that the issue should not be given more attention than it deserves.

Al-Masryeen Al-Ahrrar Party had announced its pulling out of the Egyptian Bloc Alliance earlier this week in protest to the alliance’s decision to cooperate with other parties to select leaders for the upcoming parliament.

Zaky explained that even though Al-Tagmoa Party had to make sacrifices for the alliance’s sake, his belief in cooperation remains strong.

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