‘My Daddy Is Gay, But I Love Him’

True Confession

DEAR Relationship Angel,

My parents met in secondary school, and dated until their late 20’s. After some years, they had me, an accidental birth. They had planned to finish university before having children, but both claim that it was “a happy accident”. They got married. But about 10 years later, my dad claimed that he was destined to be a homosexual and divorced my mother. No one but my mother, and perhaps, a few close friends knew my father had any sort of attraction to men. I was about 14 years old when my father divorced my mother. Then my father traveled overseas and I hear that he is now living in Europe with his gay lover, a man. Everyone in my family criticizes my father for being gay but I love him because he is my father and he sends me money occasionally for my school fees. Now, my grandmother is telling me to stop communicating with my father. She says I should stop calling him on phone or answering his calls because he is gay. From Niyi.

Angel’s Advice

Maybe your grandma fears that since your dad is gay, he might corrupt you or lead you into homosexuality if you remain in contact with him. However, such fear is uncalled for. If your dad still fulfills his responsibilities as a father to you, there is no need for you to stop communicating with him. Being gay does not mean that he should shirk his fatherly responsibility towards you. As an adult, you can’t force him to change his sexual orientation if he doesn’t want to. Besides, he remains your biological father whether or not he is gay. Send your comments/stories to The Relationship Angel. E-mail: [email protected] Call 07031028714. For free marriage/relationships counseling, call Mike 07031028714, Chris 08023913619 or Ngozi 08099336504. Go to www.linkup247.webs.com

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‘My Daddy Is Gay, But I Love Him’