Sudan: President Bashir Appoints New State Governors

Radio Dabanga (Hilversum)

10 January 2012

Khartoum — President Omar Al Bashir yesterday appointed new governors for all the states of Darfur including the new East and Central states.

The SUNA news agency reported Haider Galo Koma Atim of the Sudan Liberation and Justice Movement was appointed to governor of West Darfur.

Yousef Tibin Musa Adam was appointed to the new Central Darfur.

Shertai Jaafar Abdel Hakum was the governor of West Darfur but has now been made a special adviser to President Bashir.

Hamad Ismail Hamad Abu Kareem was made South Darfur’s governor. And ex-South Darfur governor Abdul Hamid Musa Kasha now holds the position for the new East Darfur state.

Sources at camps for the internally displaced in Darfur said to Radio Dabanga these new appointments will only bring more suffering to the region. They said resources for services and development will now go to new salaries and new buildings to house the governors and their staff.

They said they feared the dismantling of the camps, in accordance with the policy put forward by the National Congress Party and the Doha Document, and fear the establishment of new states will lead to more conflict and rupturing of society.

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