Nigerians should ignore any ‘black market injunction’ – NLC


ABUJA-The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has denied knowledge of any court action      filed against it and therefore insists that it cannot abide by a judicial pronouncement in a matter in  it was not involved.

This was contained in an e-mail sent to the press last night by the NLC Acting General Secretary Comrade Owei Lakemfa.

The NLC scribe Comrade Owei Lakemfa therefore urged all workers and Nigerians to ignore what it described as rumours obviously referring to a  ruling by the National Industrial Court (NIC) stopping Labour from proceeding with next Monday’s strike.

According to the statement: “There are rumours  circulating that the Jonathan administration has purchased a black market  injunction possibly from the National Industrial Court (NIC).

The Nigeria  Labour Congress (NLC) is not aware of any such injunction; we were not      served any paper of court appearance; we were not present in court nor were we represented in any capacity. Also, the NLC was not served any court summons nor were we served any court order.”

The NLC scribe continued: “The cretins in the Jonathan administration imagine that by seeking to drag  the judiciary in the mud, they can avert the general strikes, rallies and      mass protests that will begin on Monday 9th January, 2012.  They cannot make the simple analysis that the whole populace  is angry and that Nigerians do not need any group to ask them to protest an evil policy that seeks to impoverish them.”

He  asked  Nigerians to ignore this childish ploy and rumour adding  there is no going      back on next week’s protests and shutdown.

He continued:”The issue of the strikes, protests  against an obnoxious policy, is not an      industrial relations one; it is not between an employer and an employee. Rather it is one between the Nigerian People versus the Jonathan Government.”

“So if the issue was taken before the National Industrial Court, then it is the wrong place to shop for a black market  injunction. To obtain an injunction from a court that has no competent  jurisdiction is to try playing ping pong with the judiciary.“

He further stated that the  constitutional and fundamental right of Nigerians to protest cannot be  annulled.

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Nigerians should ignore any ‘black market injunction’ – NLC