I Submitted My Nomination Forms At The National Level – Adenta MP

The NDC Chairman for the Adenta Constituency, Alhaji Zakaria Abdullah, has sought to explain circumstances surrounding their purported rejection of the nomination forms submitted by the Member of Parliament for the Adenta Constituency, Kojo Adu Asare, by the constituency executives.

Alhaji Zakaria Abdullah stridently denies that the executives deliberately rejected the MP’s nomination forms.

Hon. Adu Asare announced his re-entry into the contest only a few weeks after declaring his intention not to run for a second term. The sudden volte-face in position came as a surprise to many, including his own constituency members.

Alhaji Zakaria Abdullah told Peace FM News it is “incorrect” for one to say that the MPs forms were rejected, saying it was rather the incumbent MP who failed to meet the 23rd December deadline for the returning of endorsed forms.

“…as of the time nominations were being closed at the constituency level, Adu Asare had not submitted his forms…The submission of the forms was over on the 23rd of December. At the time of the deadline, his forms was not part…He (Adu Asare) sent the wife to submit the forms on his behalf when I was on my way to the mosque…The wife was not even respectfully towards me on phone by shouting “Hey, Baba where are you? Didn’t our driver tell you we will be submitting the forms today?”…the MP’s wife also told me on phone that she had better things to attend to when I told her I was out of the office implying that we are a bunch of lazy people at the constituency office…the Constituency Secretary claims the signatures of those endorsing his forms were scanned…moreover, he (Adu Asare) wrote to the constituency stating that he was stepping down, but none of the executives were informed of his sudden about-turn when he decided to run again,” the NDC Adenta Constituency Chairman.

But in a sharp rebuttal during Peace FM News@6pm, the beleaguered NDC MP described his Chairman’s comments as “unfortunate”. Stopping short of calling the NDC Chair a liar, the soft-spoken MP was emphatic that there was an attached letter to the nomination forms his wife returned on his behalf giving reasons why he rescinded his earlier decision not to contest the seat.

“It’s unfortunate for the Chairman to speak in such a manner…since deciding not to run, I’ve been impressed upon by well-meaning people both within and outside the constituency to rescind my decision…I wrote a letter stating why I wanted to run again when I returned my nomination documents. He should ask the Constituency Secretary. Their contention is that I did not copy the Regional and National Executive in the letter stating why I rescinded my decision so I should go back and do that…,”

The Adenta MP revealed that following the ruckus he had to file his nomination papers at the national level when the regional secretary was told not to accept his forms. He added that as a result of this, he will be vetted at the national level.

“….Executives at the national level were not enthused at the turn of events therefore they asked me to file the nomination at the national level which I’ve done. So the constituency has now ceded its responsibility over the nomination forms…They told the Regional Secretary not to accept my forms so we had to file at the national level…we have copies of pictures and receipts of figures we paid…Because both (the Constituency and Regional) office refused to accept my forms, they’ve ceded their responsibility/authority to vet me to the National (Executive)…and I’m awaiting the date and time when I will be asked to appear before them for vetting…,” Hon Adu Asare said.