Somalia: President Rejects Parliament’s Choice of Speaker

Garowe Online (Garowe)

5 January 2012

Mogadishu — President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Ahmed rejected the MPs vote for a Nunow Mohamed as Speaker of Parliament, Radio Garowe reports.

President Ahmed alongside Prime Minister Abdiweli Gaas, MPs, Ministers and military officials told the media that they were ashamed to see the actions of MPs who brawled in Parliament yesterday.

The President after meeting with his officials stated that previous motions and the most recent one to remove Sharif Hassan and replace him with Nunow Mohamed as Speaker was an unlawful motion and is illegitimate.

He also added that the violence that has escalated in past weeks in Parliament and has led to many injured will be investigated.

The violence in Parliament has escalated making the most recent brawl its fourth in two months. This fight led to some MPs being hospitalized after MPs used chairs and tables as weapons.

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