Lisa Lampanelli Unloads on NBC — You Pissed Me Off at The Knicks Game

Lisa Lampanelli UNLOADS ON NBC You Pissed Me Off!!!


Lisa Lampanelli is demanding a “BIG F**KING APOLOGY”  from NBC … claiming the network completely disrespected her at the NY Knicks game last night … in front of thousands of people.

Lisa — who was just announced as a contestant on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” — had just completed a hardcore day of promoting the show … when she WENT OFF on the peacock.

Lampanelli says she was invited to Madison Square Garden along with two of her co-stars — former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and “Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice.

But when they got the tickets, Lisa says Dayana and Teresa were placed in the front row … while  Lisa was forced to sit all the way in the back. Obviously, Lisa was PISSED.


“I said, REALLY?? Well, guess what NBC … you owe me a big f**king apology.”

She unloaded, “You think anyone is watching that ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ for anybody except me and a couple other people who really keep the ball rolling?”

“I’ll expect my gift basket with your apology and some GOOD Knicks tickets tomorrow .. ’cause I killed myself for you for 18 hours today.”

And the worst part of all … the front row seat next to Teresa and Dayana was EMPTY!!!


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Lisa Lampanelli Unloads on NBC — You Pissed Me Off at The Knicks Game