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Sudan: Deputy Wali of Khartoum Witnesses Signing Ceremony of Partnership Contract to Invest 2000 Acres in Sundus Agriculture Project

Sudan News Agency (Khartoum)

30 December 2011

Khartoum — Deputy Wali (Governor) of Khartoum State, Eng. Siddiq Mohammed Ali El-Sheikh, Friday witnessed a signing ceremony of a partnership agreement at al-Salam Rotana Hotel between East Jebel Awliya Development Company (SUNDUS) and SUFOUF Company for Investment and Agriculture Services with regard to investment of some 2000 acres in SUNDUS agriculture Scheme.

The Deputy Wali of Khartoum State affirmed readiness of SUNDUS Project to embark on smart partnerships with an aim to produce vegetables and fodders in a view that the project is considered the biggest project in Khartoum State because of its infrastructures that are good for cultivation and production of all crops.

“Scientific and technical studies affirm success of partnerships between SUNDUS and Sudanese and foreign investors,” said the Deputy Wali of Khartoum State, calling on the administration of the Project to work to initiate modern technologies in order to increase production and to attract more investors.

Meanwhile, the Director of SUNDUS agriculture Project affirmed readiness to make available all the necessary capabilities for all the serious investors in order to produce agriculture products.

Director of SUFOUF Company Eng. Mohammed Al-Omda, on his part, affirmed success of the projects being implemented by his company in El-Silait and West Omdurman, affirming determination to make success the partnership with SUNDUS project in the few coming months.

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