Rwanda: Private Sector to Expand Advocacy for Members At Grassroots Level

Rwanda Focus (Kigali)

Eric Didier Karinganire

22 December 2011

The Private Sector Federation (PSF) plans to handle businesspeople’s problems at district level so as to meet its core mission to promote and represent the interests of the private sector, said officials during the body’s annual road show.

The officials made the statement last Wednesday when visiting various commercial activities in busy business places in Gisozi Trading Center where they visited cooperatives involved in wood work, construction and the newly completed modern market “Duhahirane” owned by former hawkers.

According to Yvette Mukarwema, the acting CEO of PSF, the road show has been an occasion for the body senior officials to visit entrepreneurs in districts where they noticed different challenges that business people are facing so as to handle them in next year.

“As the PSF is dedicated to promoting and representing interests of Rwandan business community, this can’t be done sitting in office and that is why we have been reaching out all entrepreneurs to see what and how they are doing, and therefore see what can be done to improve their business,” Mukarwema explained.

The official added that among other key activities of the road show include signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) between PSF representatives at districts level and the district mayors, and the launch of PSF district offices.

“We want to strengthen these district offices so that they can be able to deal with all business related issues and the headquarter office will be remain as coordinator,” Mukarwemo pointed out.

So far, all provinces of the country have been visited and various business activities were visited and encouraged to work hard and especially working hand in hand with local leaders and PSF grass roots leadership to develop their businesses.

This takes place while a similar MoU aiming at facilitating investment and providing support to business people has been signed between government and PSF leadership.

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