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Rwanda: Karongi Community Radio Back On Air

The New Times (Kigali)

Sam Nkurunziza

3 January 2012

Karongi — A community radio in Karongi District is finally back on air, two weeks after it was switched off by the Rwanda Information Office (ORINFOR).

Isangano Radio finally acquired the mandatory equipment to support its modern digital transmission technology last week, before it eventually hit the airwaves again.

It was alleged that the digital technology that powers Isangano Radio’s would interfere with the broadcast frequencies of other community radio stations that are mostly analogue-based, especially in Rusizi District.

“The reasons why they (ORINFOR) had switched us off are still unclear because even then, their local radio stations could not air their programmes,” insisted Jerome Rwasa, the Director of Isangano Radio.

He revealed that a letter giving an ultimatum of 14 days to install a filter and all the necessary accessories was dated November 7, 2011, but this was received through ORINFOR’s Karongi office on November 22.

“I wonder how they expected us to meet the deadline yet we had no official communication,” Rwasa stated.

Isangano Radio belongs to a group of Karongi residents organised under Isangano Association. It first hit the airwaves in May 2011.

Both residents and local leaders say the action has reignited the public’s mood in the area with businesses realising a significant boost.

“Communication is now reinstalled and the development seems to be a timely new year’s gift,” Alexandre Musoni, a trader in Karongi town observed.

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