Reconsider subsidy removal

 During President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign, he told Nigerians that he passed through poverty in his young days and that he experienced poverty. He assured us that he knew the prescription against poverty. Today, the prescription has become fuel subsidy removal. Haba! Mr. President you have made Nigerians poorer by this subsidy removal as they would have to spend more money on transport and other items. Please take a second look at the decision. With the removal of fuel subsidy, the minimum wage becomes meaningless. No palliative measures will reduce the hardship that will result from the increased price of fuel arising from the removal. The difference between N65 and N141 leaves a disturbingly wide gap.

Chime Edozien, Adeola Raji Ave,

Atunrase Estate, Lagos State,



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Reconsider subsidy removal