NPP: Mills’ New Year Promises Illusive

The main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is skeptical of President John Mills’ declaration that this year would see rapid infrastructural developments with the approval of the $3 billion loan from the China Development Bank for Ghana.

A Deputy Communications Director for the NPP, Samuel Awuku, has told Citi News the president’s optimism for the New Year is illusive.

“President Mills and the NDC deliberately decide to suffer from memory loss and they forget about all the promises they made. This is nothing new. This is a man who keeps on promising but does not deliver,” Awuku said.

“In 2008, he promised the people of the Northern region and Tamale to be specific that they will be flying directly to Mecca [but] as we speak the Tamale Airport is in a worse state. ”

Awuku said Ghanaians are fed up with such empty promises and are praying for the election to come to kick out President Mills’ “tortoise-like” administration.

“So this is not new for President Mills to promise, however, we only want to caution him that we have had enough of his promises as Ghanaians. Many Ghanaians are worse off.

“Enough of his promises and leave us to mourn in our hearts and pray to ask God for proper change come the elections so that we can move from the slow moving [government] and slavery that we’ve put ourselves under,” the NPP communications director said.