Mozambique: New Mayors Sworn in

Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique (Maputo)

2 January 2012

Maputo — The new mayors of the Mozambican cities of Quelimane, Pemba and Cuamba, elected in the by-elections held on 7 December, were sworn into office, at ceremonies in each of the cities, on Friday.

In each case, as the Mozambican legislation dictates, the oath of office was administered by the chairperson of the Municipal Assembly.

In the largest of the three cities, Quelimane, the new mayor, Manuel de Araujo, of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), promised to make repair of the city’s roads a priority.

In his first speech as mayor, cited in the Maputo daily “Noticias”, Araujo also promised to tackle endemic diseases by improving the Quelimane sanitation and drainage systems, to equip the city’s schools with desks, to expand and improve the water supply and electricity networks, and to carry out “an inclusive style of governance”.

In Pemba, the new mayor, Tagir Carimo, of the ruling Frelimo Party, pledged to continue the work of his predecessors in order to meet the aspirations of the city’s inhabitants.

Like Araujo, he promised “inclusive governance”, saying that he would pay heed to all “live forces” within society, including the opposition political parties.

“Let’s make Pemba the best place to be and to live in”, he declared, “a place where harmony, concord and peace reign. I pledge to do all in my power to honour the promises made during the election campaign, respecting the work that has already begun and providing a new dynamic through an open and participatory governance”.

In Cuamba, Vicente Lourenco, also of Frelimo, said that the main challenges he face include improving the city’s water supply, expanding the electricity network, and improving the garbage collection service.

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Mozambique: New Mayors Sworn in