Kenya: Police Name Shabaab Suspects

The Nation (Nairobi)

31 December 2011

Kenya Police has published names of 15 suspects with Al Shabaab connections and are believed to have entered Kenya from Kismayu.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe on Saturday said despite the new developments, security surveillance and regular patrols have been intensified to ensure adequate security.

“The group comprises of nine Kenyans, two Asians and four Somalis aged between 24 to 32 years old. Most of the Kenyans are known to have resided in Majengo area of Nairobi and Mombasa before leaving for Somalia about an year ago” said Kiraithe.

Mr Kiraithe who was addressing the press on Operation Linda Nchi status briefing has called on event organisers to seek clearance with the police before organising public functions.

Department of Defence’s Colonel Cyrus Oguna noted that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) had managed to put to an end Al Shabaab’s source of funding that largely includes charcoal burning in the southern parts of Somalia.

“We are currently carrying out pacification in areas that have been abandoned by Al Shabaab,” he said. “The international community should move in and help the Somali people, most of whom have been marginalised.”

Col. Oguna also stated that Al Shabaab had intensified propaganda and refuted reports by the militia on the social media, which noted that the group had killed several KDF soldiers on Thursday night.

“Ambush began with IED attack that tore down KDF APC. Upon stopping to survey the damage, a hail of bullets waylaid the inexperienced boys,” Al Shabaab claimed in a website.

“Field commander confirms 3 APC burnt down and 11 KDF soldiers dead, including a high ranking official – bringing KDF deaths to 20 in 10 days,” the website further claimed.

However, Col. Oguna says KDF has lost six soldiers with 21 injured and 1 still missing at sea since Operation Linda Nchi began.

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