Fire consumes family of three

The storey building where a family of three died through fire outbreak

A fire outbreak in the wee hours of Tuesday burnt a family of three to death while sleeping.

According to Asempa News, David Nii Teiko Amarh, 67, his wife Gifty Amarh, 51 and their daughter, Phibi Amarh, 10, were charred beyond recognition when their Asylum Down storey building in Accra caught fire.

The mortal remains of the three have been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue.

Amarh was a businessman; his wife was a trader while Phibi attended the Services Primary School at Burma Camp in Accra, the report said.

An eyewitness Richard Amarh, who is a nephew of the late David Nii Teiko Amarh said the wild barking of a dog in the house at around midnight alerted him of something amiss.

He said the barking brought all the people in the house out of their rooms only for them to realize his uncle’s part of the compound house, a storey building had caught fire.

He said they managed to break the wall of one of the rooms on the ground floor to save two young boys who were asleep but realised that Amarh, his wife and daughter who slept upstairs had been burnt to death.

The cause of fire was yet unknown but was believed to have started from the ground floor.

Source: Asempa FM