Angola: Govt Sets Priority for Demining Process in 2012

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

3 January 2012

Luanda — The Angolan Government has set as priorities for the demining process, in the year 2012, the verification and clearance of secondary and tertiary roads, meant to improve the free flow of people and goods in the country, ANGOP has learnt.

This was said by the general manager of the National Demining Institute (INAD), Leonardo Severino Sapalo, who added that among the tasks are works related to the areas of farming, state land reserves and the areas to build social and economic infrastructures of impact, under the national reconstruction and development process.

He also mentioned the planning of demining actions under the electricity and water supply sources in the interest of Okavango-Zambeze project, new spots and useful areas for the development of regional railways and the respective branches.

Leonardo Sapalo also said that in 2012 it will be implemented the canine demining work, in a first stage with six of the animals coming from the United States of America, which are already in the deminign technical school since 2011.

Other tasks are the continual training of human resources, the recruitment of new members and the reinforcement of awareness campaign on landmines danger.

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