Subsidy Removal: Transport fare soars

By Nnamdi Ojiego
Those who travelled to various parts of the country for Christmas and New Year celebrations may not find easy returning to their bases following hike in transportation fares due to the removal of oil subsidy by the Federal Government.

No doubt, the effects of the removal of oil subsidy have started telling on the people. An investigation done by Vanguard shows that the multiplier effect is felt in virtually every sector of the economy.

However, transport sector is worst hit as commercial motorists and motorcyclists have hiked their fares with more than 100 per cent and in some cases, 200 per cent.

For example, transportation from Enugu to Lagos is now 17,000. Ijebu-Ode to Lagos is now N1000 as against the former fare of N500, while from Akure to Gboko transport fare move from #2750 to #4000.

For those in Lagos, the story is not different. Now, Oshodi to Mile2 is N200, likewise other routes.

Reports gathered across the country revealed that most filling stations dispense petrol at N150 per litre, while some petrol stations in Enugu, Ebonyi, Eket in Akwa Ibom were selling at N200 per litre. This has resulted in astronomic increase in transport fares.

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Subsidy Removal: Transport fare soars