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Telecoms: NCC wants operators to meet 98% call completion rate

The Nigerian Communications Commission wants Global System for Mobile Communication companies operating in the country to meet the newly set 98 per cent call completion rate.

Call completion rate, according to NCC, is the ratio of successfully completed calls to the total number of attempted calls.

This means that for every hundred calls made to all the GSM networks of MTN, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat, NCC wants 98 per cent of them to go through and be successfully completed.

This information was contained in a new report on the quality of service Key Performance Indicators, on the NCC website.

The telecoms industry regulatory body also set a 96 per cent call completion rate for the CDMA operators comprising Starcomms, Multi-Links, Zoom Mobile and Visafone Communications.

Under the technical standard for the KPI report, NCC also set two per cent call drop rate for both GSM and CDMA companies.

Call drop rate is the number of dropped calls divided by the total number of call attempts.

The new targets, according to NCC, are part of the new Quality of Service threshold that mobile operators must  meet as contained in the new Key Performance Indicators guidelines.

Poor QoS has been considered the albatross of the telecoms industry and it is characterised by  call drops, occasional service outage and network congestion, among others.

This has consistently dissatisfied the country’s over 95 million mobile subscribers.

However, the NCC in the new KPI report indicated that there had been some improvement on the mobile networks in the country vis-à-vis the level of quality of service they deliver to their subscribers.

Almost all mobile network providers in the country are believed to have recorded some improvement  in the area of network upgrade in order to deliver better services.

In the QoS assessment report conducted to measure the level of improvement on the networks of mobile operators between January and November, 2011, the NCC said there had been improvement towards meeting the two per cent threshold.

The KPI measures QoS assessment criteria such as Call Setup Success Rate, Traffic Channel Congestion, Call Drop Rate, Call Completion Rate, Standalone Dedicated Control Channel, and Paging Success Rate for the operators.

On each of the indexes, a rating such as ‘Improvement’, ‘Good’, ‘Poor’, ‘Punctuation’, ‘Most Steady Below the Threshold’ are used to indicate operators performance.

The Director, Technical Standards and Network Integrity Department, Dr B. M. Sani, who signed the report released on November, 19, 2011, said, “Improvement does not mean the new key performance indicator threshold is met; it meants that the trend to reach the threshold is progressing towards the set target of the indicator taking into consideration the challenges the operators are facing today.”

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Telecoms: NCC wants operators to meet 98% call completion rate

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