Pressure Mounts On CPP Youth Organizer To Resign

The youth wing of the convention people’s party are asking it National youth organizer, Murtala Mohammed to make his stand known whether he is with the CPP or with Dr. Ndoum.

Murtala Mohammed is one of Many sponsored by Dr. Ndoum to contest for National executive position in the cpp. The open indiscipline by Murtala Mohammed has no end. He has again demonstrated it today at Asempa Fm, a local radio station in Accra, calling the chairperson of the cpp all sought of names. It will be recalled that Murtala Mohammed went on rampage to the point of calling the Chairperson of the cpp an “Egyptian Goddess”.

Having had enough of him, the youth wing of the Cpp are calling on him to publicly declare his loyalty to the party and chairperson or sublime like his boss(Dr.Ndoum) did forth night ago.
Nana Yaw Boubu, an ardent Nkrumahist posted this comment on the Cpp youth Forum, a facebook page of the youth:

Murtala Muhammad, I am sorry to say this but I think it is time u resign your position & leave the CPP if u r the man I take u to be…listening to u this morning on Asempa FM really told me that u cannot work with our Chair simple so stop the pretence and just go join your pay master. Did u noticed how the host & fellow panel members were surprised at your open attack & criticism of your Chair & Leader…just go before u become an embarrassment to yourself. Try read LOYALTY & DISLOYALTY BY DAG HEARD MILLS.
Another youth activist of the party, Ernesto Yeboah posted this on the forum:

I hope this story is not at the instance of Nduom because what happened then is significantly different from what your boss has chosen to do today. While Nkrumah’s was selfless and spontaneous, Nduom’s selfish, vile and planned. You still have a little time left, define your loyalty and stick to it, you cannot eat your kenkey and have it; you either eat it or you have it.
After Murtala had this post:

Fellow comrades, kindly listen to X FM on Sunday as we review Osagyeifo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Autobiogratphy from the 9am to 12pm. We shall read days in America and the formation of my party. The programme is ‘READ A BOOK” and I am Co-Hosting it with Dr. Sekou NkRUMAH… don’t miss it.

Cornelius Okan-Adjetey another senior youth activist of the party had this post on the forum:

wow!Im short of words…I hear the NDC was defending CPP and Murtala was attacking CPP …how on earth? Brother Murtala this is not the end of our political Journey and Please even if you will attack us and leave ,please do that in a manner that will allow us to embrace you one day…..Remember that whatever beaf you have with the Leadership today is beaf with the CPP.Have you asked yourself what your relationship with the party could be when these individual are no longer leaders of the Party? Your everyword is being recorded by all in the political dispensation ,both party members and those in opposition and will be used against you some day….CPP remains a global brand you cannot afford to fight….Hon Samia is an individual you can afford to fight but not when she occupies the position she does now….Please think of this carefully and maybe you save yourself a lot of trouble…….

Frankus Miller also added his voice with this post:
this guy murtala is not serious with party I will advise that if a resignation letter is not received from Murtala Mohammed by Tuesday, he should be sacked for his attacks on the party.
However, credible source close to Dr. Ndoum’s camp has hinted that Murtala will join their camp. “what does Murtala needs your party for…” the source disclose to me.