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SSS: Boko Haram, a threat that requires new approach

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• Azazi warns against bickering among security forces


The Director General,   Department of State   Security, Mr. Ekpeyong Ita, has described  Boko Haram, bombings, post election violence, cyber crime and corruption, among others, as security challenges brought by democracy that need new and different security approaches to deal with.

Ekpeyong made the disclosure just as the National Security Adviser, NSA, General Andrew Azazi, warned against bickering among security agencies, saying, “We don’t want to hear bickering among security forces. Everyday we hear about soldiers and police fighting. Everyday we hear about Customs officers and policemen fighting. And then we hear about Immigration and the SSS personnel quarreling. We are all working for the same purpose. So I don’t see why that should happen. If you can be integrated at the management levels I don’t see why the persons serving at the bottom can’t take example.”

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Executive Intelligence Management Course 4 of the Institute of Security Studies,  Ita told the 46 graduands including five  women  “Our operational environment has since changed, and the only way to meet up with the emerging challenges is through constant training and capacity building.

 “Accordingly, we must re-direct our operational methods, processes and procedures to be in tune with the democratic environment. This is imperative because democracy has brought with it unfamiliar operational demands and attributes, such as the rule of law, due process and respect for human rights”.

 Emphasizing the need for security awareness campaign in view of present challenges, the DG said ‘The service has realized that underdevelopment, poor educational standards, lack of infrastructure, unemployment and poverty are fertile ingredients for insecurity. Therefore we are embarking on advocacy for good governance, development, provision of infrastructure and mitigation of poverty as effective tools to fight insecurity”.
 In his remarks, the NSA called on security agencies to leverage on the opportunity of having the employes as participants of the executive intelligence course  by partnership and synergising on issues of intelligence for the good of the nation.

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SSS: Boko Haram, a threat that requires new approach

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