My songs amaze my fans Charles


    Charles Aifuobhokhan

    By Charles Mgbolu
    Charles Aifuobhokhan may be a rookie but a talent for making good music flows in his blood. Only recently, he launched his first album and since then his life is making a fast turn for the better.

    The album is a soul stirring collection titled ‘Baba mimo’ that doesn’t look to be living the stage anytime soon. It is a master hit with collaborations from artiste like Madonna of the MTN project fame academy.

    Like every other first timer artiste Charles had carried his fears for this album. He said “Actually, it had been on my mind since 2007 but I was afraid because the motivating force wasn’t there and that was money”.

    Charles owes his gratitude to God “Everything with this life is God, I have always been a church guy, I have been a choir master for very long. I didn’t think I would be showing good example if I am now seen singing love songs. I don’t think it will tell well of my personality. But if along the line the music changes but I don’t think the music will change at all”

    When asked on how his album was doing he said “People have been amazed. They keep asking me if this is actually my first song. They say I do not sing like a first timer. Even when I insist it’s my first they find it hard to believe. I have been to tough music competitions in the country and so it would be totally ridiculous of me to do a song album that is below a professional standard.

    The respond so far has been encouraging, that has been my greatest and my best motivating factor”
    He however admits to the challenges “I have done something like this in the past but because of financial issues it had not come off well so I scrapped it off. For this one, I really took my time but the major problem had always been money. I thank God for what he has been able to do for me so far”.

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    My songs amaze my fans Charles