Jimmy Jean-Louis honoured at Oscar screening party. Plus his growing impact on African movies!


    2011 African Movie Academy Awards ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ nominee, Jimmy Jean-Louis was honoured for his continuous work towards the rebuilding of his home country, Haiti at “Kiss the Stars”, a Black-Tie Oscar® telecast viewing party at Clive Christian Beverly Hills last Sunday. The ceremony, which was held on Oscar night, was a celebration of 20 years of nominees and winners and presenting for the first time in the United States, the Fourth Annual Better World Awards (BWA).

    The prestigious awards are given to individuals who have shown outstanding work in the charity/fundraising arena and particularly work which has had an impact on specific underdeveloped worlds helping children.  Jimmy Jean-Louis received the Global Humanitarian Award for his commitment to rescuing Haiti, by consistently going to his native island with volunteers and building schools. Jimmy’s dedication in helping reconstruct the education facilities in Haiti has been an ongoing one through his non-profit organization ‘Hollywood Unites for Haiti’. When the cameras left, Jimmy continued making pilgrimages all year long; by hand, brick by brick he has built new schools which will have a long term effect on the future of Haiti.

    Meanwhile, Jimmy’s acting career is receiving lots of attention in Africa. The actor who gained mass acceptance in Africa for his role as a Nigerian in the hit romantic comedy, ‘Phat Girlz’, continues explore African movies like no other actor does in Hollywood.  He starred in three of the movies that are currently gunning for honours at the 2011 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). These includes ‘In America, The Soul Sister’ for Best Movie in the Diaspora and ‘Precipice’ for ‘Best Short Film’.  Jimmy’s role as an abusive husband in the psychological drama, ‘Sinking Sands’, earned him a ‘Best Actor in A Leading Role’ nomination.

    He is currently in Paris shooting a movie for 5 months.

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