Aliu Mahama Fumes Over Award Of Contracts To Chinese firms


    Former Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama has called on government to change its way of awarding huge projects to Chinese construction firms who are increasingly taking over Ghana’s construction industry.

    Alhaji Aliu Mahama says he is not against foreign companies coming into Ghana to tender for construction works, but that the alarming rate at which especially Chinese companies are taking over almost all major projects in Ghana will lead to a total collapse of the local construction industry. “It is sad to say that government instead of building the capacities of local contractors to strengthen the private sector as the engine of growth, much attention is rather attached to foreign firms which is simply not the best” he

    He suggested the need for government to restrict the Chinese Contractors if they should be allowed to come in and win State projects that will in the end benefit their government and people. “One thing Ghana government must understand is that when these Chinese companies win the major projects they do not purchase the raw materials they need to execute the job but import everything from China including labour” he emphasized.

    Former Vice President Aliu Mahama was briefing the media in Tamale on his four days tour of the Upper East Region and some parts of the northern region. According to him, local contractors believed to be opposition members including his own LIDRA construction company have been marginalized lately.

    Alhaji Aliu Mahama said the President J.A Kufuor led NPP administration was not discriminatory in the award of contracts. He therefore implored government to desist from the winner takes all practice and embrace the all inclusive style of governance by not being selective during the award of projects to local construction firms.

    The former Vice President noted that such a practice will foster national cohesion if government really wants to build a Better Ghana devoid of tribal or political differences.

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