Kim Kardashian Premieres Her Song “Jam”


    Just when you thought the music game couldn’t get any more sad, Kim Kardashian just debuted her first attempt at singing called “Jam”.

    She hit up Ryan Seacrest–the person responsible for her family’s umpteen reality shows–on his radio show this morn to premiere this ish. Read on to listen if you’d like….

    I’ve already gone on my rant about the current state of this music game, but this ish right here….

    Kim said she “did this for charity” and all (her usual reasoning for all the publicity whoring she does despite the fact she rarely gives more than 10% of her profits to charity), but since she’s pubbing it on twitter and her site like she just got signed to a label or something, we’re treating it as such.

    I’m sure there will be folks who think this Dream produced “Jam” track is the greatest thing since Whitney’s National Anthem at the Superbowl, and say “oh, it’s just fun”, and say anyone who thinks otherwise is just bitter. Still befuddled about what there is to be bitter about, but….no.

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    Kim Kardashian Premieres Her Song "Jam"