Lydia Forson: “I Am Very Single But Not Ready To Date Any Man”


    Tell me, how did you start as an actress?

    I am not one of those people that will tell you that I just heard it from someone, no. I have always known what I wanted to be. I am a very strong-minded person. I can still remember being a kid and I was dancing in front of my father’s car and he was asking, “what are you doing? What do you want be?” You know, I have always known that I was going to be in the limelight.

    I still have a video of me standing in front of a …(TV) saying “this is CNN, what we are reporting today is” and my mates will tell you that even from secondary school, I will turn on the TV, because I went to a very strict Catholic secondary school, St. Lois Catholic School, in Kumasi; then we had a convention, so I have always known what I wanted to do. But it was not easy. My first experience on television was in a show called…(Hotel). I remember that very well because it was supposed to be a blend of local language and English; then my mother had to break it down for me. I was so confused.

    What year was that?

    I think it was in 2005. So, I did that for a couple of months. I think close to a year. Then, I went for another audition. I was there for one waka-pass and that was Shirley and she said I was a good actress that she loved me and wanted me to act in something else. I think I have just been really lucky, that is it. So, she wrote a script for me. I did that for a couple of months and I was in school really trying to balance everything. Those are the first early stuff I did.

    Which were those that put you out there?
    I think it was ‘Scorned’.

    Which year was that?
    It was shot in 2008. I did a movie before that. People noticed me because I did something very daring. There was a sex scene and the director told me about it and I told him I will never go nude, but if he can do it without making it tacky, and it was with a very ace actor, very acclaimed actor called, Koffi Bucknor. So, he asked me if I could do it and I told him I could do it that I don’t care about sex in a movie. What I am very particular about in a movie is if it is necessary to the story.

    I am not a porn star and he said you can do this; and I remember that we were lying on the bed and people were standing at the back and shaking the bed and it made it look like we were making love. He said I should come and watch the film and I did and decided that it was not tacky.

    People started asking: who is this girl? They knew me from ‘Hotel St James’ (a popular soap opera in Ghana). I had worked with Shirley Frimpong. So I met her again and she said she was going to do a project and she would call me. Then she called me into her office and gave me a script. I read the script in 30 minutes and she asked if I was sure I’d read it. She even asked my opinion about the lead actress.

    Who is the man in your life now?
    I am not dating any man.

    Are you kidding me?
    I am very serious. I am single and I don’t think I am ready to date any man. I think I am waiting for the right man.

    Who was the person you dated in Nigeria?
    I dated someone.

    What is his name?
    You don’t know him. We maintain our friendship. He is the one person that can tell me : Lydia that dress is not nice and I won’t be offended, because I know he is not saying it out of malice but because he loves me. He will tell me the truth no matter what.
    He is someone who is very special to me but we broke up. We are still very good friends.

    Why would you break up with your friend?
    Because he is a friend, he has known me before I was Lydia Fordson. I call him when I am in trouble.

    Has love been fair to you?
    I think the word love has greatly been misunderstood. For some people love is money. For some women, if a man has money they will love him but if does not have money, they can’t love him. For some people love is sex, for others it is just someone to talk to. You need to discover what made you fall in love with somebody. So, it is a very complicated, confusing word. I think love is a lot of emotion.

    Have you genuinely fallen in love before?
    I think so.

    You are not sure?
    I think it was more of you looking for something and you thought you finally found it and not believing that anybody in this world looking could get that thing you had.

    Have you dated anybody in entertainment industry in Ghana?

    But they said lots of girls have dated Bernard?
    Who is Bernard, me, (laughs)? No, I’ve not dated anybody in the industry, ever.

    So when should we watch out for the wedding bells?
    Whenever I think I meet the right person and God says it is time, I will get married.

    Tell me about school?
    I attended Elementary school in America.
    I went to Akukomo International School and University of Ghana.

    Can we look forward to seeing more of you in Nollywood?
    Yes, I am really looking forward to doing more of Nigerian production.

    After AMAA, you and the other girls went fighting, what went wrong?
    I don’t think we fought, till today, I have not spoken to Jackie about the award. When we won AMAA best actress of the year award, I think there was confusion because three people won, the important thing to me is that at least I got an award. There was only one plaque and I had it, I think they sent the rest to the other two and Naa is my very good friend, in fact during the AMAA, I called Naa and I told her we won.

    At a point when she hadn’t gotten her own plaque, she used mine to take pictures because we have that relationship, I was in Nigeria and I started hearing stories that Jackie won the award; was I bothered? Not really because at the end of the day I had the award but the breaking point was when my brother called from America and asked are you sure that you won because on all the websites they said Jackie won best actress and Ramsey best actor? I was like I don’t know. When I got to Ghana, it was on Thursday and most showbiz papers come up on Wednesday, on every single paper, Jackie was on the front page as winning best actress.

    My name wasn’t mentioned, the other girl’s name wasn’t mentioned. My manager called me and said can you see what is going on? And in all honesty, I wasn’t bothered because probably if they ask her who won the award she will say she won, if they ask me or the other girl, we will say we won because the three of us won but I think it was misinformation and miscommunication, I can’t blame Jackie and I can’t exonerate her too because I was not there when she told people that she won, I don’t know what she told people but clearly the information people got was that she was the only one who had won.

    So no one interviewed me after the AMAA, no newspaper, no radio station, and I said okay whatever, for me, the important thing is that I have the award, so I think two weeks later that a newspaper came out with the proper story , so one of the newspapers apologised for not mentioning our names.

    The question now came out that who said it was only Jackie? I don’t know if it was Jackie that said it, I don’t know if it was her management, I don’t know, so I am not in the position to say Jackie did this or that. So people tried to create confusion, my manager came out with a statement that we are not bothered with what is going on, the truth always come out so let us just leave it at that and it is true because I can’t go to every station and say, “I also won, please put my name”, so it was misinformation. It is between Jackie and the newspapers, I don’t know who made the mistake, but you know, it already happened, and the important is for that one or two months, I was the only one who had the plaque.

    What is you r relationship with Jackie?
    I don’t think we have a relationship, she is a colleague, if I want to work with her today, I will work with her, but we are not friends.

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    Lydia Forson: "I Am Very Single But Not Ready To Date Any Man"