Ironik – Dj Ironik’s Mum Sells London Home After Stabbing


    British rapper DJ IRONIK’s mother has sold their family home in London after he was stabbed outside the property last year (10) – because his younger sister has been left so traumatised by the attack.

    The 23-year-old hip-hop star, real name James Charters, was returning home after a gig in November (10) when he was cornered by thugs in Highgate, north London, who stole his jewellery and knifed him in the buttock.

    Charters admits he was calm throughout the attack – because he hadn’t realised he had been stabbed.

    He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I knew they wanted my jewellery because that’s all they could see on me – they got away with a bracelet worth £4,000. I was thinking, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ I never promote violence in my lyrics.

    “Because of the adrenalin that was running through me I didn’t even realise I’d been stabbed for a while. It was only afterwards, when I’d run into my neighbour’s house and they saw the blood dripping all over the floor. I’d felt woozy but I thought that was because I’d been running.”

    Charters reveals his mother has moved out of her London home because his family no longer feels safe at the address – and admits his own view on life has also changed following the incident.

    He adds, “My 12-year-old sister was traumatised as her brother had been attacked on his own doorstep.

    “Before it happened, I was living pretty hard with lots of girls and drinking, I calmed down quite a bit since then. I still wear my diamonds though – if you work hard for something you should get the rewards.”

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    Ironik – Dj Ironik’s Mum Sells London Home After Stabbing