Appietus Copies ‘Mujay Baya’ On Becca’s ‘Forever’ Remix?


    After coming under some public scrutiny for sampling South African DJ Cyndo’s hit song, ‘Amerido’ for the smash hit ‘Move Back’ by 5five, producer Appietus may have just given his detractors more reason to speculate a dearth of creativity.

    It appears that the producer, who now wants to be heard more as a vocalist, would be hitting listeners with his new style of speaking ‘gibberish’ in a rhythmic manner, like he did on ‘Move Back’ on many tracks to come.

    Appietus has done a similar sound on the recently released remix for Becca’s single ‘Forever’. The Appietus Remix is an up tempo, techno infused take on the rather mellow original.

    Without saying much on the song, Appietus adlibs and mumbles a bunch of words and sounds along with Becca. Is this the new style from the celebrated music producer? Or perhaps he has hit a brick wall with his creative juices. Listen up and be the judge!

    Listen To the new “Forever” Remix produced by Appietus below:

    02 Forever (Techno Remix) by AmeyawDebrah

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    Appietus Copies ‘Mujay Baya’ On Becca’s ‘Forever’ Remix?