2 Politicians Languishing In Police Cells


    Baba Gana Seidu and Ahmed Gado, two members of the disputed Interim Management Committee of the People’s National Convention who were arrested by the Police last Thursday are still in police custody.

    The two were picked up after an Accra district magistrate court revoked a bail granted them. The two reportedly flouted a court order to vacate the PNC Headquarters which they had illegally taken over. Dr. Somtim Tobiga, a member of the IMC told Joy News he is disappointed at the development.

    He said it was curious that although the two had not violated their bail conditions, the bail had been revoked and they were thrown back into police cells. “We think there is a big mistake,…the lawyer is going Monday to explain to the court that there was probably a fundamental mistake,” he said.

    Dr Tobiga said he was concerned because the protracted internal dispute within the party could create credibility problems for the PNC and hurt its attractiveness.

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    2 Politicians Languishing In Police Cells