To Gaddafi, et al : In the Land of the Living


    By Roland Akosah
    Totum Bonum

    In the Land of the Living

    Nature’s lessons are myriad
    Her attractive energy holds her heavenly maidens aloft
    Her radiant showers hold us in awe
    And on an occasion she pleases us with a tango:
    In each other’s shadow a neighborly pair may lie
    From each other’s shadow they steal away
    Without a whimper to worry the heavenly realm

    Nature’s fare is light, heat and sound
    Life’s rhyme and rhythm to sustain
    So out of its core a star unleashes generous energy
    Across a cosmic distance to bathe a planet aglow
    Against light’s shimmer, away fades darkness.

    Earthbound, man delights in Nature’s fury
    (Nature’s bounty an afterthought)
    So a folk gropes in pitch darkness
    Surrendering mind and means to mean men
    Self-enthroned men hold court; maidens ululate
    Courtiers charm and tease supplicants
    At the subdued, tyrants throw tirades at will
    Despots desecrate settled decency
    To each declarative, a mischief to match

    Then as if Nature’s facile teaching abiding
    An inspired multitude arises in one accord
    Yesterday’s dread is become today’s dare
    The portents of darkness succumb at light’s portal:

    In the land of the living, a fatal embrace unravels
    And a folk awakens at last!

    By Roland Akosah
    Totum Bonum
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