Tom Hooper For Les Miserables Movie?


    Oscar-nominated director Tom Hooper is in negotiations to work on a big-screen musical version of theatre show ‘Les Miserables’.

    ‘The King’s Speech’ director Tom Hooper is being lined up to work on a new movie version of ‘Les Miserables’.

    The Oscar-nominated filmmaker turned down an offer to work on ‘Iron Man 3’ and is instead weighing up an offer to direct a version of the theatre production set in 19th century France.

    ‘Les Miserables’ has been on cinema screens before in the 1998 non-musical version – starring ‘King’s Speech’ actor Geoffrey Rush – and it would be the first project he has signed on to since wrapping on the highly-acclaimed drama about Britain’s stammering King George VI last year.

    Discussing his next project recently, the 38 year old confessed he was looking to more historical and period pieces following the success of ‘The King’s Speech.

    He said: “I’m certainly on the lookout for something like that.”

    However, he has also claimed he would like to work on a larger-budget film.

    Tom said: “I would like to try my hand at one of these huge-budget juggernauts. But in some ways this film has changed the rule book because this is becoming a commercial juggernaut.

    “I’m no longer locked into thinking you can only make a big success if you have a big budget feature. It can have modest beginnings.”

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    Tom Hooper For Les Miserables Movie?