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Monday, January 17, 2022

Who is touching Omotola’s behind?

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It is no longer news that Omotola Jalade graced the red carpet of the just concluded Grammy awards. She has a right to be there, she is a musician remember? She and Sade Adu seem to be the only popular Nigerians at the event.

Omotola however was everywhere on the red carpet taking pictures. Who wouldn’t. There was however one particular picture she took that has got the whole cyber citizens talking. Facebook, Twitter even on Blackberry Messenger.

Look closely at her picture on the red carpet, you will notice the man is holding her where most of her assets are. No one however seems to know who the man is. She’ll definitely clear the air when she returns from Los Angeles.



Hazeez Balogun


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Who is touching Omotola’s behind?

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