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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NDC Dead In Aburi-Nsawam Constituency

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It appears that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party is redundant in the Aburi-Nsawam Constituency in the Eastern Region.
The youth of the party are claiming the party was vibrant when it was in opposition more than today that it is in power.
According to them, a majority of them do not even know the current constituency executives of the party all because meetings are not being called. “When we were in opposition, the old executives kept the party going until we won power again,” they said.
They told The Enquirer newspaper that since the party won power, they could simply not recollect when they were invited to any meeting. They said that the grounds for the party are quite fertile and that it was up to the executives to resurrect the party. “All that we are saying is that we are not seeing anything from the executives and that they should wake up, they said.
According to them, they were in the trenches with the old executives, who did a fantastic job during the 2008 elections and that they expected the current executives to continue.
“We can decide to take things into our own hands but being fully aware of what will come out of that we are just calling on the executives to wake up,” they said.
They told The Enquirer that it would be very important for the new executives to work in close consultation with the old ones, who are conversant with the terrain. “We are patiently waiting to see some action before we hit the streets not to demand any largesse from the party but action on the part of the constituency executives,” they said.

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