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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Minister: Okada Remains Banned

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The use of motorbikes for commercial transportation, popularly called ‘Okada’, cannot be accepted in the Ghanaian society, says Deputy Roads and Transport Minister, Dzifa Ativor.
The Deputy Roads and Transport Minister says the implications and fatalities associated with the practice cannot be countenanced.
Her pronouncements on Joy FM follow a petition by about 400 Okada riders to Parliament on Tuesday requesting that the Legislative Instrument (LI) 47 which banned the okada practice be amended to regularize their ‘trade’.
The petitioners say okada is the only source of livelihood for them. The leader of the group, Albert Acolatse told Joy FM okada has provided lots of youth with an opportunity to earn a living. They may have ended up on the streets or engaged in several other social vices, he stated.
Mr Acolatse implored the MPs to use their good offices and amend the LI in order to make their business legal. He said a law that will only worsen the unemployment situation in the country is a bad law and should be done away with.
As a way of assuring the law makers that their business is decent and would lead to the ultimate good of the country, the okada riders have procured their own uniforms and Identity Cards in anticipation of the law being reviewed.
The Majority Leader in Parliament, Cletus Avoka commended the peaceful and lawful procedure used by the okada riders and promised their petition will be looked at and sent to the appropriate quarters for consideration.
He said Parliament will consult the Transport Ministry for a firm decision. But even before that consultation is made, the Deputy Transport Minister told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh that okada is inimical to the country’s development and the law banning the practice will remain in force.
She said several stake holder meetings held last year on the okada practice – meetings which the leaders of the okada riders have been part of, have ended with the popular acclamation that the practice is counter productive to the country’s development.
Ativor added that the practice, as observed in other countries, has been fatal, with the death toll unimaginable, adding, it will not be in the interest of the county should the law banning okada be lifted.
She said new traffic regulations also ban the okada practice and urged the riders to look to other employment opportunities. Meanwhile, the Police Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU) has intensified the arrest of okada riders in the country.
ACP Angwubutoge Awuni, head of the MTTU, says until the law is repealed or amended, it will be applied.

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