Investment In Excellence Seminar Ends


    The Institute of Chartered Accountant Ghana (ICAG) in collaboration with The Pacific Institute (TPI) has ended a 4-day seminar which was under the theme ‘Investment in Excellence’ in Accra.
    The seminar was based on the results of current research by the TPI in the cognitive sciences and aimed at achieving personal, professional and organisational goals, and creating more success in many areas of life.
    Mr. Christian Tetteh Sottie, TPI Representative West Africa, said participants gained real insights into areas of personal, professional and organisational growth opportunities through professionally facilitated study and discussion with others.
    The facilitation process was designed to reinforce curriculum concepts and to practice using tools critical to sustainable peak performance, he explained.
    Prof. Daniel A. Nyarko, Rector of the Takoradi Polytechnic, a participant, indicated that “the seminar is “the most eye-opening, life-transforming event I have ever attended. It has set me on a new path of achievement for my personal goals and objectives, which will no doubt reflect on the organisation I lead.” He therefore recommended the programme to Ghanaians in all walks of life.
    Mr. Kwasi Asante, CEO of ICAG, another participant, admitted: “The programme gives you insight into what holds you back, exposes the negativity surrounding you and shows how to break it down. The programme builds you up and gives you a renewed sense of creativity, responsibility, and energy to enable you to achieve your goals”
    “I wish I were 15 years of age and taking part in this workshop. I – being a Ghanaian – would change the nation of Ghana.” Every Ghanaian must avail him/herself of this workshop to work happily with others to transform this nation,” said Dr. Austin Asamoa-Tutu, Architect.
    About 30 participants are attended the seminar, drawn from the financial institutions and Academia among others. The seminar facilitators were Steve PapaJohn and Antowaine Richardson, both from the TPI. Investment in Excellence goes to the very core of quality improvement, performance enhancement and employee engagement – effective human thinking skills.
    It assists in creating a constructive culture with a common language and a creative environment, as well as a renewed sense of accountability and an interest in positive contributions whether at home or work.
    Investment in Excellence addressed the very foundation of all change processes – the human mind. It promotes self-examination and reflection, and illuminates areas where we may be holding ourselves back.
    It provided easy -to- understand and easy- to- implement tools to change attitudes and beliefs, which immediately reflects in greater results and higher performance.