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Ofosu-Ampofo: NDC Has Done A Lot Within Two Years

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Mr Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, the out-going Eastern Regional Minister, on Tuesday said, President John Evans Atta-Mills has indeed remained focused on the “Better Ghana Agenda”, which is being pursued by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), government.
He said the NDC’s ideology is to identify and support the vulnerable and to ensure development in every society. “Ours is to provide safety net for the poor and the haves in the society and President Mills is pursuing that agenda”.
Speaking at a forum, organized by the Eastern Regional branch of the NDC, in Koforidua, to prepare their constituency propaganda secretaries towards the 2012 general elections, Mr Ofosu-Ampofo said the NDC government had really done a lot within two years in power and that the government was gradually bridging the gap between urban and rural areas, in terms of development.
He said hitherto the Ghana Water Company supplied water to only urban areas but since the NDC came to power, water was being extended to many parts of the rural area. He said most of the debts incurred by the previous government at the various districts assemblies had been settled and more projects being embarked upon.
Mr Ofosu-Ampofo encouraged the propaganda secretaries to continue to work harder for the party to stay in power.“The more the government remains in power, the more the opportunities to be enjoyed” he said.He urged them to share information among themselves and to often stay glued to their radio sets to listen, learn and gather more facts to enable them to defend the party at all times.
“Let us share information to enrich ourselves; by doing so, we sell and expose ourselves to the outside world” he said.Mr Mohammed Ahmed Baba Jamal, the Deputy Regional Minister, also assured the members that there was hope since their government was still in power.“We should thank God for giving us President Atta-Mills; we should learn to believe in ourselves and the government. Since our government is in power there is hope” he said.
Mr Baba Jamal reminded them that as propaganda secretaries, they were the mouth piece of the party and their duty was all about bringing out the truth into the public domain.“Propaganda is about bringing the dancer in the dark into the light. It is telling your story and making your argument strong enough to defend yourself.”
He also advised them to guard against destroying each other and to unite and seek the welfare of one another.“Let us support our leaders, show solidarity and give our District Chief Executives (DCE’s), some peace so that our party will continue to be in power” he said.

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