AFAG To Demonstrate Against Fuel Price Hikes Today


    The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has served notice of its intention to embark on a demonstration to register the groups displeasure at recent fuel price hikes.
    In a statement released Tuesday, AFAG said the protest dubbed ‘AHOKYERE’Demonstration was to start at 6 am from the Obra Spot, Nkrumah Circle, Accra and end at the Hearts Park, near the Cultural centre.
    According to the statement the demonstration is “aimed at protesting against the economic hardships that Ghanaians are going through and the recent fuel price rise.” The statement further said the pressure group had completed all the necessary formalities with the police but cautions all who will join the demonstration against wearing the colours of any political party during the activity.
    AFAG recently held a press conference where they gave government an ultimatum to reduce fuel prices, failure of which will result in the group hitting the streets.