Employee Attacks Boss With Hammer Over Unpaid Salaries


    A frustrated employee of the Ship Owners and Agents Association of Ghana in Tema is in police grips for attempted murder and suicide. Osei Tutu attacked his boss with a hammer over what he says are deplorable economic conditions he has been subjected to by his boss.
    He accused Perpetual Osei Bonsu, Executive Secretary of the company of unpaid salaries, duty allowance and transportation allowance for several months – a situation he said was gradually leading him to his grave.
    But before he goes into his grave Osei Tutu decided to take the life of Madam Osei Bonsu who he described as a demon and a tormentor. After bouts of hammer attack on his boss, he attempted to commit suicide but failed in the process.
    A suicide note found on him explicitly stated the reasons for attacking the boss and his subsequent suicide attempt. The Public Relations Officer of the Police in Tema Inspector Olivia Turkson read portions of suicide note to Joy News;
    “There is a point in life when one has to decide whether to continue living or end it all. I reached that point upon careful consideration and decided to settle on the latter.
    However I had no option than to go with the one whose actions or inactions have resulted in my reaching this decision. This woman Miss Perpetual Osei Bonsu the Executive secretary under whom I work has been a single tormentor of my life and to the extent that I sincerely believe she does not deserve to live to continue tormenting the lives of [other]innocent souls.
    As I write she has sat on my salaries, duty allowance and transportation from July to date. Moreover there is no prospect of receiving my salary. This demon of a woman was gradually hastening me to my grave. I have a wife and a child to take care of. I have utilized all my money I have in my account and I have to borrow money from my friends just to exist as a human being,… I have decided to end it all by first ending the woman’s life and then taking my life as well,” the note read.
    Inspector Turkson said the accused is in police custody awaiting prosecution. His victim is said to be responding to treatment at the Sakumono government hospital.